Sep 132012

Joel and I took a trip with Heather and EJ to Huntsville State Park a few weeks ago. We wanted to go camping with them since we photographed their engagement session and wedding.

I love going to Huntsville because one of my favorite things to do is canoe and they rent them there during the summer months. Heather and EJ rented a canoe for the day and Joel and I rented one over night.
Canoeing is always so peaceful and my favorite part about it at this park is being able to canoe through the Lilly Pads. They were huge, some being the size of car tires. I really want to take a photo of a frog sitting on a Lilly pad, like in a cartoon. That would be so cute!

While making our way through the Lilly pads there were these tiny bugs that would glide along the surface of the water like they were on glass. Also, plenty of colorful butterflies and lots of bright iridescent blue and green dragonflies which were so magical. The dragonflies would land right next to you and just look at you before darting away.

The weather was nice but after canoeing for a few hours we were pretty hot and to cool off we took a dip in the lake. They have a designated area you can swim in and there are to many people there to get eaten by alligators (hopefully). While swimming we saw rain clouds in the distance so we left the swimming area and we got back to camp just in time to cover our tents and fire wood before the rain. I didn’t mind the rain for 2 reasons: it didn’t last long and it kept us nice and cool.

Since Joel and I got our canoe over night we just had to take it out on the water after dark. The moon was out so we could see just enough to get around. It was such a beautiful cool night (because of the rain earlier that day) with the moon and all the stars out on the peaceful lake. Until… we noticed the pair of bright orange eyes protruding just above the water in the path to get back to our campsite! As we got closer the orange eyes quietly swam away. We got out of the canoe as fast as possible and got a safe distance from the water. We didn’t have the camera with us for that part so you’ll just have to use your imagination. 🙂

Can you say “park brochure picture”?

Heather and EJ were nice enough to pose for the photo and I really love the way it came out.

These lily pads are huge but alas, no frog sitting on it.

This guy is a Great Egret according to Wikipedia.

After canoeing around all day we were pretty tired and hungry. We all got together and make turkey dogs and “slop” (it’s a dip Joel made up containing Creamed Corn, Greens or spinach and beans)  it tastes great and it’s not too bad for you. We were all pretty stuffed after that.

Slop = 1 part creamed corn + 1 part refried beans + 1 part greens (cheese is optional)

Heat, stir and serve with chips or tostadas.

Because it had been raining everything was damp and lots of interesting fungi were growing around the park. We took some pictures of these rather pretty  mushrooms and this creepy yellow stuff. If anyone knows what it is let me know. I have just been calling it “Fungus-a-mongus!”.

It was a much needed trip. We all had a wonderful time and we can’t wait to go camping with Heather and EJ again soon. 🙂