Jul 242013

We recently took a trip to visit some of Joel’s family in Virginia. We decided to make a road trip out of it and rented a car so we wouldn’t have to put the miles on mine. We requested a compact car so it would get good gas mileage and the only one they had available was this cute little Fiat. The first day we drove from Houston, TX to Atlanta, GA. It is about 12 hours of driving plus getting gas and food and loosing an hour when you cross over from Central to Eastern time. We didn’t take many pictures on the drive over there, but had a fair amount of video for the vlog.

We arrived in Atlanta late in the evening and got a hotel by the airport because it got better reviews then other places we looked up. This allowed us to get some cool pictures of landing airplanes but did not allow us to get much sleep.


The next day we went to the Georgia Aquarium. It is the largest aquarium in the world and was built in 2005,They have a show called “Dolphin Tales” which they added only a few months ago. My favorite exhibit by far was the Ocean Voyager. It is the largest single fish tank in the world. They have Whale Sharks and Giant Manta Rays with many other beautiful fish. When I walked into that room I was blown away at the size of the tank. The photos and video don’t do it justice. You have to go see it in person. It is so beautiful and relaxing you could sit there all day and not get tired off looking at it.

Here are some of our favorite pictures from the other exhibits.

The Aquarium was amazing and we are going to go visit there again!

For dinner we went to The Vortex Bar and Grill. I found out about this place from Man vs Food from the Travel Channel. I love that show and that channel! I’m not alone in this right? Anyway, they have crazy burgers and I got The Blue ‘Shroom and it was delicious!! If you are ever in Atlanta you should definitely stop by and grab a burger.

Have you ever been to The Georgia Aquarium or to The Vortex? Leave us a comment and let us know!