Feb 232014

Joel and I had a wonderful time capturing their wedding! We know you can’t wait to see the photos and we can’t wait to show you. Here’s a little something to hold you over. Stay tuned for more coming soon!!


  One Response to “Jeanie and Duane’s Wedding Day Sneak Peek”

  1. First, congratulation to Jeanie and Duane on their wedding and best whishes for ever.
    AShely and joel well done on photography and I believe you are the best photographers I know. I will recommend you to anyone looking for best style, best photos and the personal attention you will give to people and to ensure the have the best memory of their wedding which is the photograghs. Great job!

    We were glad to find you and joel to be our photographer and my daughter’s wedding. I would recommend people to contact AShely Esfandiari Photography and you will be glad you did because she will provide the best photography services that I have not seen provided by others. She is one the best in photography.