Mar 032014

One of my favorite things about weddings in seeing all the different dresses and how beautiful each bride is. When I saw Jeanie in her dress it put a huge smile on my face. She was GORGEOUS!! I really believe Jeanie brings good luck because the weather was absolutely PERFECT. During our consultation we showed a gallery wrap of one of my favorite bridal portraits at Rice University and that is why she decide to go ahead and have her bridal session at Rice University also.  I hope you enjoy the photos from her bridal session.

  One Response to “Jeanie’s Bridal Session – Rice University Houston, TX”

  1. Again Ashely you have done great photogaphy of jeanie’s weddeing. The photos are beautiful and style is great with clear pfotos. why anyone call some else for photography work. Just call AShely she will provide the best photography you ever seen. as usual well done wedding photography and congradulation to Jeanie on her wedding. Have a great life with your new husband forever!