Mar 032014
Jeanie's Bridal Session - Rice University Houston, TX

One of my favorite things about weddings in seeing all the different dresses and how beautiful each bride is. When I saw Jeanie in her dress it put a huge smile on my face. She was GORGEOUS!! I really believe Jeanie brings good luck because the weather was absolutely PERFECT. During our consultation we showed a gallery wrap of one of my favorite bridal portraits at Rice University and that is why she decide to go ahead and have her bridal session at Rice University also.  I hope you enjoy the photos from her bridal session.

Oct 032012
Behind the Photo - Kimberly in the Sculpture Garden

Cullen Sculpture Garden at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston is another place I love to shoot bridal portraits. I really like the simple and modern look of the art in the sculpture garden. This portrait includes part of the sculpture “Houston Triptych” by Ellsworth Kelly. There is a beautiful simplicity to this photo which makes it one of my favorites. There are several elements of design that I really like about this photo including shape, pattern, and texture. To have a central subject composition that is visually interesting requires good use of symmetry and balance. In this case everything in the frame is vertically symmetrical except the sculpture piece and the placement of Kimberly’s arms and head. The sculpture lends a lot of weight to the left side of the frame but is not distracting because it is featureless. Her bent arm mimics the triangular shape of the sculpture and helps to visually connect her to the artwork. The rounded part of the sculpture and the round train of the dress similarly help connect her to the sculpture. There is a lot of different textures in the portrait and I love how the hard and angular metal and stone of the sculpture garden contrasts with the soft gentle quality of Kimberly’s back and dress. I also love the tonal contrast in this photo. It reminds me of when I shot with  Ilford HP5 plus 400 high contrast black and white film in my college darkroom class. The strong contrasts of both shades and textures creates some tension in the piece but I think the mood is really nicely controlled by Kimberly’s confident and elegant stance. We have so much fun shooting bridal portraits! When else do you get to walk around the city in a bridal gown looking like a princess? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Jul 242012
Behind the Photo - Cassandra at Rice University

Rice University is a great place to take Bridal Portraits because the architecture on the campus is very classical and elegant which makes me think of grand European castles. That makes it one of my favorite places to shoot. The columns in this hall at Rice University create great leading lines. The right side columns here lead your eye right to Cassandra’s face. The texture and repeating pattern of the brickwork and columns lend a lot of interest to the background. I also love the contrast of textures between the hard angled bricks and Cassandra’s soft flowing dress. The long receding hallway gives depth and perspective to the otherwise two dimensional medium. I placed Cassandra in front of the dark section of the closest pillar because I knew the light would softly illuminate her dress and face making her stand out from the background. Look at the light on Cassandra’s face. The far side of her face is illuminated and the close side is in shadow. In photography this is called “short lighting” it is very flattering and slimming which makes it one of my favorite lighting techniques to use on women. I loved the light in this hallway on the day of he session because it was overcast making everything evenly lit. The recessed hallway with one side open created the perfect conditions for the kind of soft directional light that is so flattering for bridal portraits. The overall light is a nice balance between the lit sides of the hall and the darker ceiling and floor. I try to be very deliberate with my bridal portraits, so I placed the dress very perfectly for that polished look. The white bouquet serves two purposes. One, to compliment her dress where a dark bouquet would have been to distracting from her face. Two, to have something for Cassandra to do with her hands. This is one of my favorite portraits and I can’t wait to create more beautiful art for you. What do you like about this bridal portrait?

Sep 092011
Crystal's Bridal Session

Crystal’s Wedding was is San Antonio this past weekend and I had a blast! Check out her wedding sneak peek. The wedding was amazing and now that she is happily married I can share her bridal portraits with you. Luckily during the session it wasn’t really crazy hot because it was cloudy day. We did the Bridal Session in the Sculpture Garden which is across the street from the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. We had a great time during her session! I hope you enjoy her Bridal Portraits.

Jul 092011
Kimberly Bridal Session Part 1 of 2

I’m so excited to be able to share these! I had to wait until after her wedding and since the wedding has passed I can post them now. When I showed Kimberly these photographs she loved them so much she started crying. Let me know what you think. Which ones do you like the best? These were taken at Hermann Park and the Sculpture Garden in Houston, TX. Thank you for stopping by to take a look. Enjoy!