Get Better Wedding Photos


Do an Engagement Session
This is the time you and your photographer really get to know each other. This session will give you an idea of how you work with your photographer and also give your photographer an idea of how you interact with your fiance. You are probably wondering where the session should be done. Well, anywhere you like and is important to you. Maybe where you met, where he proposed or where you went on your first date. I want to make this session as memorable as possible for the two of you!

Do a First Look
If you are willing to do things a little less traditionally you will have a great experience and get awesome photos. Setting aside time before the ceremony for just the two of you can be calming on what could sometimes be a stressful day. It also allows us to choose the best light and locations for portraits and most of the group photos too can be taken care of before your ceremony so afterwords you can get straight to partying!

For more info on doing a first look visit here.

Have a Detailed Timeline and be Early
Having a detailed timeline will help your day run smoothly and be enjoyable for everyone. It’s a good idea to add more time then you think you will need so if you are 5 to 10 mins behind its not going to stress you out. If you are having your hair or makeup done tell the artist/stylist that you need it done and hour before you really need it done.  Its also a good idea to share this timeline with your bridal party and family as well as your photographer. If you are doing group photos before the ceremony than tell family and bridal party to be there 30 to 40 min before photos. Giving a detailed timeline to your photographer will help them plan accordingly for photos. This will ensure that you have a fun filled stress free day!

Have Some Fun Photo Time
Set aside some time on your timeline for just the two of you, and your photographer. Before the ceremony, cocktail hour, after reception or even the day after some of the best portraits are created when their is time to breath and let the creative juices flow freely. A quiet stroll on the beach or exploring the venue’s architecture, just a little time can translate into stunning art.

Have Professional Lighting at your Reception
This will provide a romantic atmosphere and a beautiful backdrop for all of your reception photos. You put lots of thought into your cake, tables, and center pieces and professional lighting will really show them off.

Be Yourself, Relax and Have Fun!
It’s your big day that you have been planning for a while so ENJOY it. Don’t worry about the cameras!

If you haven’t already read it read my FAQ page here.